I’m a married father of 3 boys ages 4 and under. Most of the time I think I’m writing and illustrating, but really I’m seeing if I can urge a word to leave a sentence at the same time that I’m urging a three or four-year-old to leave the kitchen.

“Leave Mommy alone, she’s making dinner” which only yields a 3 second pause, followed by (I can count this out predictably…1….2….3…) “well can we draw with you in your studio Daddy? We want to draw with you.”

And so it begins…the most unproductive and fun part of working from home. Oh, I feign work during this time but who am I kidding? The electric eraser whirs to life on my left, while tap tap taps on my keyboard from the right induce sheer bouts of panic. Did I save the changes on Poofa-the-Puffagoo-revision-39.docx? Too late now, that version of Poofa is puffed (computer locked up). little-handsFor some reason pushing nearly every key down at the exact same time with two little hands, and a third little hand “fist mashing” the remaining keys, produces computational hemorrhaging. I know what you’re thinking, “No it doesn’t. It produces that pesky little pop-up message, ‘would you like to enable Sticky Keys?’.”

OK, it does that too.

I put up with the “Sticky Keys” pop up message through most of the 2000’s while running a marketing company. Yes I know it only takes 8 minutes to figure out how to disable, if you’re an IT support tech. And I know it only takes 28 minutes to figure out how to disable Sticky Keys if you love your work and can patiently work through some online tutorial. It takes an hour and eight minutes if you’re a stressed business owner who needs a daily recitation of “Gooooos-fraba” and  dreams of just walking away to go write & illustrate books. I just never had the hour and eight minutes.

So now when I’m producing my children’s picture book, “Poofa the Puffagoo”, it only takes 28 minutes to disable Sticky Keys. I’ve found my career path. As I walk it, I’ll be sharing with anyone that wants to follow along, many of the skills I’ve learned about writing and illustrating. The one thing I know above all else? I have some learning to do myself. So please share what you know. I also wish to learn from you.

4 thoughts on “About

  1. eightdecades

    Gee I thought I comment in this space before but I guess not. I do not know how to do sticky keys either!
    Guess those boys will have to be watched around my puter too. I will try and keep it in mind when they come to visit. Any way nice “About” posting. Ill check back and see how it goes.

  2. Patrick

    This is very recognisable. I also work from home, have two kids and they consider my worktime to be playtime ;) Then again, whenever they are not around, it feels like something is missing. Love the art on your blog, I will definitely check back every now and then. Good luck with the book!


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