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I wrote the rear cover text for “Will of the Pirates” By Scott Mitchen. I began the writing of the teaser text after I illustrated the cover. Typically, I would write the cover copy first so that it can be reviewed, revised, edited and rewritten as necessary simultaneously while illustrating. My rationale for writing the rear cover copy last was simply due to the extremely tight deadline.


Rear cover teaser text.
Living in poverty the first 12 years of his life, an honest boy named Will finds himself on the adventure of a lifetime – sailing the world on a merchant ship in 1683. Dreaming of seeing a pirate, if even from a distance, Will is a boy on his own, far from family, in a foreign land while working at sea. He soon rethinks his daydreams of pirates once he finds himself among them! Plundering ships, stealing gold, and learning to sword fight were not skills Will had planned on learning, but he will need every advantage he can gain if he is to escape the clutches of the pirate Captain Hamlyn and outrun Black Pete! In this epic adventure of a moral boy trapped in a world driven by greed, he sees the true will of the pirates, leading him to ask the most important question about his life’s adventure.
Example below:

I received an urgent call requesting the cover art, dust jacket flaps, chapter divisions, and back cover teaser text, in just a fraction of the typical production time. I remember saying I would love the project but I was really reluctant to guarantee meeting the deadlines. They were just too tight and actually unheard of (by me anyway). No guarantee? No project. So I figured out a way to do the project. Part of that revolved around moving my writing production to the end of the project.

If I did not start the teaser text…there were other people that  could write the copy, (if I ran out of time). No one could help me with the illustration once I began painting. if I ran out of time. So I played it safe and completed what no one could help with. I would have preferred more time for revisions on the rear cover copy. The project completion was just barely under the wire on deadline day.


It would be nearly impossible to write the teaser text without having first read the book. During book production, you have a scary period of time just prior to the deadline as you realize even the best writer in the world, if available, cannot assist you if they haven’t read the book. So only those writers that can write the teaser, are those who have read the book in full. I was one of maybe 12 people that had read Will of the Pirates during the production of the cover and external writing. Of the 12, just a few were writers.

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